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You can live in a lovely home overlooking a pristine sun-kissed tropical bay... rise with the birds or celebrate dusk with a blazing red sunset... and be away from traffic jams, pollution and pressures of the outside world... and enjoy the “don't worry be happy” type of lifestyle.

You can walk on a powdery white sandy beach where the only footprints are your own... enjoy snorkeling, boating, fishing... have fresh fruit and fish daily... say “adios” to snow, gray skies, cold weather, even in the middle of January.

You can enjoy gazing at a palm-studded skyline... dive the ancient coral reefs... spend the afternoon exploring the quaint villages... all within walking or bicycling distance... enjoy a place where old traditions and a wide variety of cultures meet right in your own community.

And you can do all this on a tropical island. We know you can, because we've been doing it for years. We are just an average couple who wanted to get out of “money making and no time for living” type of life.

So, whether you're a snowbird... artist... poet or freedom seeker... don't miss this opportunity! 

Discover how you too can live in your own tropical paradise and simply lose the importance of time.