How it Was Created 


We remember when we were planning our tropical island experience and how we were looking for a book that could help us. After searching through the shelves of several bookstores; we found none.

Several years later we found one on Internet, and only one, and was it ever dull... We still wonder why the author made such a beautiful place like a tropical island look so ordinary and tasteless. We'll never find the answer.

Finally we began to see that a book of this kind would fill a real need. And then we set out to tell people what it's really like to design, build, and finally live in your own house on a tropical island. It was to become the only book of this kind in print available anywhere.

What started as a few important notes has evolved into a full color guidebook. The only one in this category with the step-by-step information that we wish we would have had.

Of course, you could discover everything about tropical islands yourself, as we did, or you can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money with our book.